David Ruben Piqtoukun - Artist / Sculptor

Welcome! David has worked primarily in stone, antler, bone and steel. Recently he ventured in to bronze.

To gain some insight into what drives and inspires David Ruben Piqtoukun, please read of his upbringing and growth in his own words - About David. In addition, the site features a documentary from the BBC, profiling David as one of only three Canadian artists invited for that project "Destination Art".

Sculptures by David have been installed in public and private institutions across Canada. They are collected internationally. A goal of this revised site is to make acquiring works by David a better experience for the collector. For a record of collections and exhibitions, see the Resources page.

David Ruben Piqtoukun works can be quoted with all requirements needed for international buyers.

Sculptures are assembled into Image Galleries of current and past works for your browsing.

Please be sure to visit the Media page to enjoy several video presentations for a better understanding of what has motivated David along the way from his roots in the Arctic.

Recently added to the gallery.

Dancing On The Moon - Pt 2 Hooloaq Assisting Arctic Migration


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New for 2019 - Feature video "Rosemary Kirby"

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Updates & News

28 January, 2019
Dancing On The Moon, limited edition bronze, added to Current Works.
23 December, 2018
Hooloaq and Angatkroq added to Current Works. Updates to Resources: Exhibitions, Publications, Other References.
24 July, 2018
Assisting Arctic Migration and Angatroq added to Current Works. Both works are unavailable.
7 October, 2017
Spirit of Inua added under Works For Sale. Additional pieces added to Current Works.
10 January, 2017
Sculptures currently available for sale now have a gallery "Works for Sale".
26 December, 2016
The galleries of sculptures through the years are organized by decades, staring with the 1970's
21 November, 2016
The website is introduced with a new look. Additional features to aid collectors interested in David Ruben works will be added in the near future.
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