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  • 01-2016

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“With the introduction of modern religion the shaman has slowly disappeared, but they live through the artist in this day and age. Myself and my brother, we are the extensions of that. We are just a tool for somebody else. Some of the sculptures that I create are so powerful – it’s as if they are emitting a life force.”
(David Ruben Piqtoukun 1998)

Updates & News

26 December, 2016
The galleries of sculptures through the years are organized by decades, staring with the 1970's
18 December, 2016
Video documentaries are now available starting from the "Media" page. The most recent is from October 2016, produced by Rogers TV.
21 November, 2016
The website is introduced with a new look. Additional features to aid collectors interested in David Ruben works will be added in the near future.
12 October, 2016
Work begins on the new templates for the site. Convenience in navigating the galleries is a priority. Information on works not yet seen on the site arrives.
9 July, 2016
David Ruben and Black River Media plan the content of the new look for the site. Information on packaging and delivery options for international collectors is to be incorporated.
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