Publications and Other References


2004 – Survival Inuit Art, Loveland Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA
2006 – Inuit Sculpture Now, National Gallery of Canada
2006 – Objects of Everlasting Esteem
2006 – About Face, Self-portraits by North American, First Nations and Inuit Artists
2006 – L’art du Grand North, by Jean Malaurie, Citadelles and Mazenod, Paris
2007 – Stone, Bone & Stitches, Shelley Falconer and Shawna White;
2007 – Changing Hands, Art without Reservation 2, Contemporary Native North American Art,
Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY
2007 – “Land of Ice, Hearts of Fire”, University Gallery of Delaware
2007 – “BBC destinations Art DVD, Episode 10 Canada”, BBC, London, UK
2008 – Art Inuit by Cécile Pelaudeix, Histoire de l’art et Anthropologie, France
2009 – “Flight Dreams”, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
2009 – “Frank Gehry in Toronto”, (Transforming the Art Gallery of Ontario) AGO Toronto, ON
2009 – “Response, Responsibility and Renewal”, Aboriginal Healing Foundation, Ottawa, ON
2010 – “Guide to the Collections”, Winnipeg Art Gallery, MB
2010 – “The Visual arts in Canada”, Oxford University Press
2010 – “Ed Pien”, Musée d’Art Canada Distribution
2010 – “Inuit Art from the Canadian Arctic”, National Gallery of Canada
2011 – “Inuit Modern”, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
2011 – “Heading South DVD”, (Documentary Film) Guy Simonean, Montreal, QC
2012 – “Artists”, (aboriginal Biographies Series), Weigl Educational Publishers Limited
2014 – “Redemptive Art in Society”
2014 – “Cultural Problems in Western Society”
2014 – “The Memory of Nature in Aboriginal Canadian and America Contexts”

Other References

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