Joint Exhibit Oct-Nov 2021

Yeon-Tak Chang and David Ruben Piqtoukun
“Harmony Between Man and Nature”
a joint exhibit presented with Special Guest introductions at the opening.
16 Oct – 28 Nov, 2021
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

“Stoneworks exploring self-awarenesss and celebrating inner dialogue leading to cultural harmony and spiritual fulfillment.”

Gallery Location:
CANADIAN SCULPTURE CENTRE – Sculptors Society of Canada
a charitable arts organization since 1928
19 Mill St., Toronto, ON (part of The Historic Distillery District)
Phone 647-425-5858

David Ruben 2021 works videoVideo of David’s works as exhibited at the
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto 
Oct-Nov 2021

This video provides clear images and descriptions of all 10 sculptures.

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