David Ruben 2021 works videoVideo of David’s works on display until 28 Nov, 2021 at the
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

This video provides clear images and descriptions of all 10 sculptures.

Yeon-Tak Chang and David Ruben Piqtoukun
“Harmony Between Man and Nature”
a joint exhibit presented with Special Guest introductions at the opening.
16 Oct – 28 Nov, 2021
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto

These two life long sculptors also have a long association as friends. This exhibit is the outcome of two years of planning between them, bringing together their individual styles at the gallery under a common theme – Harmony Between Man and Nature.

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This work has just recently become available as a premiere creation from the mind of David Ruben.

This is the first work from David Ruben with a price of $1 Million.
This free standing sculpture’s stone can be rotated to display either of two faces.
They are inscribed with personal statements about the changes in Inuit culture, lived and witnessed by the two men they represent. 

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Fresh Water Spirit – New for March 2021

Price: $15,000

This carving depicts a spirit who engages people, who
have drowned in fresh waters. It becomes a Spirit- Helper of all
peoples, who restores life to them in the Spirit World.

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David Ruben Piqtoukun – Artist / Sculptor

Welcome! David has worked primarily in stone, antler, bone and steel. Recently he ventured into the allure of creating with bronze.

To gain some insight into what drives and inspires David Ruben Piqtoukun, please read of his upbringing and growth in his own words – About David. In addition, the site features a documentary from the BBC, profiling David as one of only three Canadian artists invited for that project, produced as “Destination Art”.

Sculptures by David have been installed in public and private institutions across Canada. They are collected internationally. A goal of this revised site is to make acquiring works by David a better experience for the collector. 

David Ruben works can be quoted with all requirements of documentation and secure shipping needed for international buyers.



Another sculpture made available in March 2019 is Hooluaq (Wind Whisperer). This piece created from Brazilian soapstone and Black Pearl Stone is 13″ H x 12″ D x 11″ W.

It is now on exhibit at the Canadian Sculpture Centre, 19 Mill St., Toronto, in The Historic Distillery District.

See the close up image in the Current Works gallery.

Recent Addition

Shaman Teaching Apprentice –
found in the Current Works Gallery.

Owl Woman

2019 – Addition to the Current Works Gallery.